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Mar 6, 2020 | General

We are now in the height of forced rhubarb season and no, this is not making those long slender pink stems do something against their will in those dark sheds we have heard of . It is the time of year when the markets start introducing some colour to their fruit and veg displays.

We all know by now I think, that this is when rhubarb lovers start getting a little giddy. The arrival of this fruit is a welcome addition to the table after the winter months. Now there are some people who, like marmite, either love it or hate it. My husband belongs to the ‘not liking it’ group as his granny swore by it when he was growing up in South East Ireland. She said it would help his digestion. I think he maybe ate too much as a child and now really does not want to go near it again.

I promised myself when I wrote my blog Rhubarb & thyme (time) last year that I would not return my rhubarb recipes to the folder labelled cakes for another year. The big question though was going to be, which recipe was I going to choose to bake and share? So, you know what I did? I asked my followers. I put a poll together and let them decide. The only trouble was rooting through all my folders to find the afore mentioned rhubarb recipes !
But I can now reveal the the recipe that received the greatest number of votes was…… a rhubarb, almond and polenta cake.

So all I need to do now is pop off to my local greengrocers and pick some up.


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