Bakes take II

Mar 25, 2019 | Recipes

Another day, another search for another flapjack recipe.I had kept this one in my pending folder as it sounded different. It included carrots, the title may have been a give away “carrot flapjacks” and anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for anything remotely connected to carrots. A quick scan of the ingredients and yes I had everything. Oh hang on a sec – no nutmeg. I am sure I could leave that out. Ah walnuts,I have never been very keen on those, except in a carrot cake.Yes I know this is carrot flapjack but  hey I just don’t fancy them . I always find them a little too strong . Now give me pecans or almonds any day and you are talking.

I decided to double the ingredients to bump it a little and everything was going swimmingly. The recipe said they will become firmer and chewier once they had cooled, so now was just a waiting game.

That is where the metaphorsis began. It smelt like flapjack, it looked like flapjack but remember those words “firmer and chewier “. Well, er no, not this flapjack.

I had promised both my husband and son that there would be more flapjack in the tin but it wasn’t to be.

Then a quick rethink . What was in the flapjack? oats, maple syrup, cinnamon, raisins, carrot. These ingredients sounded very familiar. Yes of course this was the beginnings of a granola recipe. I searched out my folder labelled ‘breakfasts’ and lo and behold, with a few adaptations the carrot flapjack take I became granola take II.

And if you would like the original granola recipe you can check out an earlier blog I shared titled Anytime of day granola.

Nicola x


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