Chewy Muesli bars

Feb 12, 2017 | Recipes

Who remembers making flapjack as a child ? I certainly do , mixing those porridge oats with lashings of golden syrup. But , times have changed and people are now choosing recipes that have less refined sugar which led me to look through my multitude of flapjack recipes, all combining various additions of dried fruit and seeds . I have mixed two recipes together and added my choice of extras , resulting in a moist , chewy bar packed with seeds , perfect for those times when you need a kick start of energy.

What you need:

A baking tin measuring 26cm x 16cm


150g butter or margarine ( I always use unsalted butter)
150g runny honey
75g light muscovado sugar
225g rolled oats
50g pumpkin seeds
50g sunflower seeds

Note : you can add any quantity of seeds or dried fruit , for example sultanas, dried mango, apricot or even pineapple for a tropical twist , and also mixed chopped nuts

What you do :

1. Measure out the honey in to a pan. If you have electronic scales , put the saucepan on the scales , then weigh out the honey
2. Weigh out the sugar in the same saucepan, remember to reset the scales to zero
3. Weigh out the butter in the same saucepan , and remember to reset scales to zero again

4. Measure out the oats and seeds and mix together in a bowl

5. Melt the honey, sugar and butter over a low heat until it turns to liquid

6. Stir the melted honey, sugar and butter into the oats and seeds in the mixing bowl

7. Press the mixture in to the baking tin, levelling the surface

8. Bake at 150 C 325 F gas mark 3 for approx. 29 minutes until lightly browned and very slightly crispy at the edges
9. Cool in the tin for 10 minutes then cut into squares
10. Leave to cool completely in the tin before removing
11.Enjoy x


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