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My collections of recipes is getting a little out of hand. I think I have a problem! The truth is I cannot resist collecting those magazines from the supermarkets or the food supplements from the papers or the recipe cards strategically placed in the shopping aisles. The temptation is just too much. You will be familiar with the terms sugar mountain and colossus, well that sums up my ever growing pile of magazines that I vow I will go through on a rainy day

.In my mind I have all sorts of systems in place in which categories they should be collated in……….Seasonal, fruit, vegetables, healthy snacks, chocolate, biscuits, muffins, vegan, the list goes on and on. What if I have a recipe that crosses over? a seasonal fruit vegan muffin? Oh no! You see my dilemma? Then the other day whilst I was rummaging through the generic ‘cake folder’ my fingers hovered over a recipe that mentioned ricotta. Ohio that will be a cheesecake I hear you say out loud. That is where you are wrong.

This is a recipe that says ” it keeps cakes tender without weighing them down, it’s fresh, bright and mellow ” so my dilemma, which category does this get filed in? You see, if I do have any other recipes including ricotta, surely they will be in the dessert folder? Except this is definitely a cake, the recipe says so! A coconut ricotta loaf cake with a zesty lime glaze.Maybe I will just pop out to a well known stationery suppliers and buy another batch of coloured cardboard folders, cover them with post its and stick the ricotta recipe in one labelled ‘unsure – cakes or desserts’.


Ideas welcome on a post it please

Nicola x

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  1. paulagoude

    It sounds like you need to build a database so every recipe keyword is logged along with the location of the recipe…am I getting too geeky now? 🤓


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