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Mar 18, 2019 | General


There is a weekly food publication called Feast in one of the weekend national papers , you may even have come across it. Every week I religiously go through it hanging off each and every word of the writers contributions.Their descriptions take you on a visual journey and the imagery awakens 3 of the 5 senses, sight, smell and taste, so much so that you are stimulated and eager to read to the end .

Occasionally you come across a recipe and your heart starts beating as you look at the ingredients more closely .You start to wonder where you can buy them but then become impatient and reach for the Google ap on your phone and then wonder if you have all the other ingredients in your baking drawer and whether you have the correct size tin and what if it doesn’t work and what if your chief critics (husband and son) don’t like it and what if you substitute an ingredient and it goes horribly wrong and what if you use the wrong size tin and what if you miss out a vital ingredient and what if the method described is a method you haven’t tried before and what if and what if and the heart is still beating faster in anticipation of the end result . Except at this stage you have only scanned the ingredients .

Milled chia seeds √ I have them , well chia seeds maybe not milled

Oat milk X I am sure I can substitute coconut milk for this

Semolina X Memories of school tapioca , a different thing entirely

Rose petals X where is my phone , I need my google app !

Then the method, another quick scan, yes that all seems in order. What , hang on , what’s that ? ” mix with your fingertips ” . Er no , I draw a line there .

Where is my spoon ?

If I do manage to slow my heart beat down enough I will let you know how I get on when I do make the Basbousa with orange and rose syrup cake .Now where can I buy those rose petals google ?

Nicola x

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  1. peggoude

    I’m intrigued to know what it’s like!


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