Rhubarb and thyme (time)

Mar 25, 2019 | Recipes


Another day of leafing through my cuttings. A quick glance at the calendar.Oh no, surely not.How did we get to 26th March? Then the panic sets in.

How am I going to possibly bake all those rhubarb,ginger & yoghurt muffins, rhubarb,almond & polenta cakes, rhubarb,yoghurt & clementine cakes and rhubarb,white chocolate & thyme traybakes before the season draws to a close.

The window of opportunity is quickly closing in .Every year January arrives and I make a promise to myself that the recipes left by the wayside the previous year will make another appearance this year.Just as the rhubarb emerges from the darkness of the rhubarb sheds, every year.

Except my multitude of forced rhubarb recipes will also be returned to the darkness of their folders for another year, as once again, I didn’t quite get to them in time .

So as I hastily scribble a note in the back of my diary

“January . Look through rhubarb recipes. Don’t forget !”

I am already looking forward to next year!

Nicola x


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